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Our Ambassador & Leader: Giannis Sodis, Pharmacist and Chemist, grew up in Chios from a family of Pharmacists (to date 12 members) with a tradition in Pharmaceutical Science since 1875, where he opened the first Pharmacy under the name "SODIS" in Constantinople

In 1939, a new Pharmacy operates in Egypt. In 1955, the activity of the founder of our company begins, taking over the Pharmacy in Chios. Anxious character with a deep and pure faith in Chios, he is a citizen and elected MP (1974-1981), Mayor & President of the Chios Pharmacy Association and Chios Nautical Club.

In 1975 he became the exclusive importer of French cosmetics, while at the same time he created a model for the era and the region of the Aegean Cosmetics Laboratory where, with his know-how and the "know-how" of the French manufactures French cosmetics, Marí Chor & Guinot.

His great passion and vision was the exploitation of the unique Mastiha Chios and the Chiotic flora in cosmetology. It utilizes the unique flowers of the plain and creates a series of natural fragrances with dandelion, lemon, and orange flowers. In the lab creates unique mastic formulations in creams with healing, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects.

Continuing the research path of his ancestors, he modernises dozens of traditional recipes, creates new and launches in the early 80s in commercial packaging the world's first cosmetic with mastic, the masticdent mastic disposable toothpaste.

Almost all of our current products have as their forerunners the research efforts and experimental applications of Yannis Sodis. In 1992 he died at the age of 61.

He left behind invaluable research papers and to all of us who deal with Mastiha, a passionate passion and a fiery love for her.

The younger generations Katerina, Michalis and George Sodis, soaked with the same passion and passion, continued their father's research activity and combining tradition with the knowledge and current needs of the global market created Mastic Spa Cosmetics. Today, the sophisticated Chian Alchemist - SODIS workshops in Chios are a standard Mastichas research laboratory, offering natural and organic quality products corresponding to the prestige and actions of Mastiha